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Dear guests,

Unfortunately, DanceMasters does not have the capacity to handle the transfer for couples (even for the top star couples).

Luckily, Bucharest Otopeni Airport is taxi-friendly: there are electronic machines with touch screen in the exit hall, which calls automatically official cabs for you and give you a voucher indicating the taxi company name and the number of the car. It is possible to chose companies or fares (lei/km). After you get the order confirmation through a voucher, the taxi arrives in 3 to 5 minutes in front of the entrance of that hall. The system is safe. By using this system it is impossible to be tricked by false taxis or “wise guys” approaching you to offer unauthorized taxi services.

One way from the airport to your hotel (RIN Grand Hotel for example) will be around 15 Euro. Also, when you depart, you ask the hotel to call an official cab for you and the price would be the same. From the RIN Grand Hotel hotel to the dance hall the taxi fare is about 5 Euro.

The official partner of our event for taxi services is GTI TAXI. You can download the GTI TAXI App (iOS and Android) on your smartphone to travel more easily in Bucharest during the event, using one of the thousands GTI TAXI cabs at your disposal.
GTI TAXI is an application that allows you to acces: a large numbers of cabs from different companies, carefully selected drivers and details about them, and last but not least it gives you details about the features of the selected cab, all of it so you can make the proper choice.

Dragi oaspeti,
Organizatorii Dancemasters 2020 urmaresc indeaproape evolutia pandemiei cu Covid-19 si impreuna cu Ministerul Tineretului si Sportului, Federatia Romana de Dans Sportiv si World DanceSport Federation cauta cea mai buna solutie de reprogramare a evenimentului care era initial programat in weekendul 27-29 martie. In momentul in care lupta cu virusul va fi castigata si programul competitional va reveni la normal, vom gasi cea mai buna solutie de reprogramare.
Intre timp, persoanele care si-au procurat bilete online la evenimentul nostru si care nu doresc sa isi pastreze biletele pentru momentul reprogramarii DanceMasters 2020 pot sa ceara returnarea banilor, scriind acest lucru la urmatoarele adrese de mail (in functie de agentia de unde au fost procurate):
Ramanem optimisti ca pandemia va fi trecuta cu bine de comunitatea dansului sportiv si ca vom reveni cat mai curand la dumneavoastra cu data reprogramarii DanceMasters 2020.
Organizatorii DanceMasters 2020

Dear guests,
The DanceMasters 2020 Organizers are closely following the evolution of the pandemic with Covid-19 and together with the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Romanian DanceSport  Federation and the World DanceSport Federation are looking for the best solution for rescheduling the event that was initially scheduled for the weekend of March 27-29. When the fight against the virus would be won and the competition calendar would return to normal, we’ll find the best solution to re-schedule it.
In the meantime, people who have bought tickets online at our event and who do not wish to keep their tickets for the rescheduled DanceMasters 2020 may ask for a refund, writing to the following email addresses (depending on where they were purchased from):
We remain optimistic that the  the dancesport community will pass over the pandemic in good conditions and that we will return to you with good news as soon as DanceMasters 2020 is rescheduled.
The Organizers of the DanceMasters 2020